Tucumcari School buildings up for sale

William Thompson

Tucumcari Public Schools have decided to put five buildings up for sale. The buildings formerly housed Tucumcari schools. The buildings up for sale are, Granger Elementary and Gymnasium on S. Third Street, Zia Elementary on E. Aber, Coronado Elementary on N. Fifth Street and the “Fifth Street Building” on S. Fifth Street which formerly housed a portion of Tucumcari Middle School.

William Reents, Phd., Superintendent of Tucumcari Schools, said he recognizes that many former students may lament the sale of their former schools. “I’m sure there are people who have feelings about these buildings but with the declining budget we had to do something with these buildings,” said Reents. “The state said the buildings are empty and something needed to be done with them.”
Sonia Raftery, Reents’ executive assistant, said keeping the buildings would drain school resources.

“We’ve had to pay for the insurance and upkeep of the properties including having to keep the grounds clean at all times,” said Raftery. “The state and our local school board have approved the sale of the buildings. I haven’t heard of any disapproval of our wish to sell the properties.”
T. J. Riddle, an administrative assistant with Tucumcari Schools, said the total appraised value of the buildings is around $137,000. Raftery said the school system will try to get as much money as possible from the sales.
“The properties went up for bid Dec. 10,” said Raftery. “We’re hoping for good bids because we’ll be putting the money from the sales into our fund for renovations of the buildings we are keeping.”

Reents said he thinks the properties will be sold in the near future. “People have expressed interest in the past,” said Reents. “I think there will be bids for these buildings. Keeping these buildings has been an expensive endeavor.”
The school buildings up for sale date from as long ago as the 1930’s.