Taste beguiles seventh graders

TV Hagenah

Seventh graders at Tucumcari Middle School spent one class period on Thursday in a way that many students and some adults wish they could, dining on food of the Southwest.

Social studies teacher Alicia Trujillo had her second annual “Taste of New Mexico Day” at which the students bring foods that are identified with the state. “It was great, said Trujillo. “We had enchiladas, frijoles, home-made tortillas, posole and just everything. The students loved it. Heck, the teachers are going to love it.

The social studies teacher said that any food which the students didn’t eat would be taken to the teachers’ lounge where the middle school teachers could munch throughout the day.

Trujillo has all of the seventh graders and each class brought more than enough for each of their own classes so often there were leftovers that ended up in teachers’ lounge if the young people didn’t want to take it home.
Trujillo said the whole purpose of the exercise was to make the seventh grader students more aware of the “uniqueness” of their state. “And I think it worked, too.” said Trujillo. “I think they really appreciate the state a little more because of this.”

More than one of the young scholars agreed with their teachers, in fact, Trujillo pointed out that many of the eighth graders who had their “Taste” last year found excuses to wander by her classroom to partake in the food on hand.
“They can’t resist it,” said Trujillo.

“I think it is a great idea,” said one seventh grader, ” We should do this every month…no, every week.”
Last year the “Taste of New Mexico” was exclusively Trujillo’s activity being the only seventh grade social studies teacher, but she said this year teacher Suzy McKinna is also doing it with her social studies class.