Tuesday only filing day for boards of education

TV Hagenah

Tuesday, Dec. 21 is the final filing day for Board of Education candidates for Tucumcari, Mesalands Community College, House, Logan and San Jon schools.
According to Quay County Clerk Jeanette Maddaford, the only day for filing for a board position is Tuesday.

“There is only one filing day for persons to file as candidates for school board positions,” said Maddaford. Filing must be done in the Office of the Quay County Clerk by 5 p.m. Dec. 21.”

The Quay County Clerk’s Office will be conducting the Board of Education elections for the different school districts.
Maddaford said any person who wants to be a candidate for any of the school boards must file a signed “declaration of candidacy” in her office on Tuesday.

The Quay County Clerk also said that the requirement to be a candidate for school board is to be a registered voted residing within the school district for which they are a candidate.

Maddaford pointed out that both Tucumcari School District and Mesalands Community College District are under the single member district plan with voters choosing from within a specific district. “Due to the redistricting of the Tucumcari School District and Mesalands Community College District as required by state and federal requirements, a new voter identification card was mailed to voters affected by this change,” stated Maddaford. “Voters should take notice of their new district and polling place.”

Board positions and lengths of terms:

Tucumcari Dist. 2,3- 4 yr terms.
Dist. 5-2 yr term.
Dist. 1,3,5-4 yr terms.
House Posit. 1,2-4 yr terms.
Posit. 5-2 yr terms
Posit. 4,5-4 yr terms.
San Jon
Posit. 1,3,4-4 yr terms.

School board elections will be held Feb. 1. To vote in the school board elections one must be registered by Tuesday, Jan. 4.