Winter concert ready to go

TV Hagenah

Music will be the focus of the evening on Tuesday, Dec. 21 as conductor and Tucumcari High School music instructor Harold Sloan has the high and middle school band and choir students present their second annual Winter Concert.

According to Sloan, the evening should be quite entertaining with a wide variety of music “filling the air.” “I think this will be a very good concert,” said Sloan about the performances that begin at 7 p.m. at the Tucumcari High School Auditorium. “And it won’t just be Christmas music. There will a wider variety than that. Sure there will be Christmas tunes, but it won’t be limited to just Christmas music though.”

The music instructor said the band and choir pieces presented at the concert will be quite varied and range from Bach to “Frosty the Snowman.” Sloan said over 100 students from the two schools involved will be on stage at one time or another representing both the high school and middle school. All the bands and choirs of the two schools will see time on the stage. “They’re really looking forward to it too,” said Sloan about the music students. “They recognize how well they’re doing. They understand how much they’ve gained when it comes to music.”

According to the music instructor those attending the concert are in for a pleasant surprise the moment they enter the auditorium Sloan said when people enter the high school auditorium, they will realize what the concert is all about since performing in the lobby of the building will be the school’s guitar class, a new innovation introduced by Sloan this year at the high school. “The way we see it is that it will set the tone of the evening,” said Sloan. “People will come in and immediately there will be music to entertain them.”

Featured soloists for the evening will be Shay Rigdon, Lauren Evetts and Clarissa Barreras.