Parenting classes to begin

William Thompson

A series of parenting classes, including nutrition and life skills information, will begin Jan. 10 at 9 a.m. at the Children Youth and Families Department office.
Brenda Bishop, of the extension service, said parents will receive a prize for pre-enrollment. The classes are provided by New Mexico State University’s Strengthening Families Initiative.
“The classes will provide information on child development, money and time management and how to discipline children, “ said Bishop. “Free childcare will be provided at every class and snacks will be provided to parents and their children.”
Beverly Gunn, of the De baca County extension office, will be leading the classes in Tucumcari. She recommends them to any parent.
“I have to be there for the classes myself, so I try to make them fun,” she said. “We will have videos and free books.”
The classes will run from Jan. 10 through May 23 every Monday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Gunn said she is a parent of three children and still finds useful information for herself at the classes.
“One of the areas we will explore is child brain development,” she said. “We will show different ways to stimulate a child’s brain development.”
The cost for the classes will depend on the family’s income level. Gunn said she expects the classes to be free for a number of parents.
“Pre-enrollment is encouraged, because I can go over the parents’ information with them and look for ways to make the classes free for them or at least reduced in cost.”
Gunn said the nutrition information given in the classes will satisfy the nutrition knowledge requirements for child care workers.