Charity director resigns position

William Thompson

Bea Laredo, director of La Casa de La Hope food and clothing bank since April of this year, has resigned. In a Dec. 21 letter to the president and business manager of the food bank’s board of directors, Laredo said she was resigning due to the board’s recent restructuring.

“Due to the restructure of La Casa I am no longer in that position (as director) and therefore I am submitting my resignation effective immediately,” she stated.
Laredo said she was informed after a recent board meeting that she would become a “coordinator.”
“They told me that I was now a coordinator, and I took that to mean that I was no longer director of La Casa de La Hope,” she said.

Tom Broom, vice-president of La Casa’s board of directors, said the food bank’s articles of incorporation did not allow for a position of “director.”
“The reason we are restructuring is that when the new board took over we found that La Casa de La Hope was not in compliance with its articles of incorporation,” said Broom. “The articles of incorporation do not list a position of director.”

Broom said the board members tried to work with Laredo.
“She (Laredo) felt like we were trying to take her ministry away from her,” said Broom, “but it was never really her ministry to begin with.”
Laredo said she thinks the new board will do a good job of running La Casa de La Hope.
“La Casa de La Hope is doing well and I think it will continue to do well,” said Laredo. “I wish the board members well.”

In her resignation letter Laredo emphasized what she thinks La Casa’s role in the community should be.
“We (La Casa) are in the business of building God’s kingdom through relationships, Helping Others Prosper Eternally, this should always be our main focus in everything we do in the ministry of La Casa.”
In addition to Laredo the food bank’s treasurer, Janie Murray, also resigned recently. Broom said Murray’s resignation letter stated that she had other priorities in her life to which she needed to attend.

Murray said she did not wish to comment further and that her resignation letter contained all she wished to say about the matter.
Broom said La Casa is closed now until sometime in January due to remodeling.
Laredo, known throughout the community for her work at La Casa, said she was proud that donations to La Casa de La Hope increased during her tenure as director. She said she will now devote more time to the care of her elderly mother and disabled brother here in Tucumcari.