Community church to be held Sunday

TV Hagenah

Last year the annual Tucumcari Community Church Service held at the Tucumcari Convention Center pulled around 450 people to the services. This year Rev. Jim Witcher of First Christian Church said he thinks there could be even more people out on Sunday.
“Weather permitting, I think it is a real possibility that we will have more people,” said Witcher.
Witcher said this is the eighth year for the even that combines churches from around the city into a single large church service with the different ministers of the churches dividing up the different ministerial jobs which the community service has.

Witcher said some of the ministers will be in charge of sermons, others songs and yet others prayers.
“We rotate them,” said the minister of the different responsibilities.

Witcher said the services will begin at 10:30 a.m. and should not run past noon.
He said that more churches in the community may join in the services but at this time he is certain that seven different churches will be taking part. They include: First Baptist Church, Center Street Methodist Church, Emanuel Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, The Assembly of God Church, First Presbyterian Church and St. Michael Episcopal Church.