Trigg gets new administrator

TV Hagenah

When the newly appointed administrator of Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital David Bailey told D. Rush the interim administrator he wouldn’t be coming to Tucumcari because he was more interested in an offer from Marysville, Kan., little did he know that the Tucumcari Hospital had someone waiting in the wings who definitely wanted to be in Tucumcari.

Bo Beames originally from Hobbs is set to start at the Tucumcari hospital in early January and according to those who have had dealings with him they are very happy that he is.
“I think he is a very good match for Tucumcari,” said Rush about the new administrator.
Human resources director Debbie Lafferty echoed Rush’s opinion of Beames.
“I don’t exactly know how to say it,” said Lafferty, but he has a vision for the hospital. He is looking to the future of the facility. He’s a great deal like Hoyt (Skateblund) in that way.”
Beames said he is indeed happy to be coming to Tucumcari in 2005. He said for him, it was something of a homecoming since he was born and raised in New Mexico and had often been in the city when he was young.
“But I’ve been away for quite some time so I am really looking foward to coming back to New Mexico and being in Tucumcari,” said Beames.

The new hospital administrator has been in Rapid City, SD for a decade working on the administration of Black Hills Rehabilitation Hospital.
“This may sound strange,” said Beames, “but Tucumcari has always captivated me. It has such an interesting feel and the people are so clearly friendly. I feel such a kinship for the people of Tucumcari.”
Beames said the thing that most made him want to move to Tucumcari, however, is Trigg Hospital itself and the impressive facility that it is.

He said when he applied he thought he was applying to be the administrator of a “small town hospital” but when he visited the hospital he said he realized just how much of a misnomer that discription was.
“This is an excellent facility,” said Beames. “There is nothing small town about this. Everyone is so professional. I mean it everyone. Everything about the hospital is impressive – the quality of the staff, their passion for what they do. This is a fine bunch of people in this organization.”

The new administrator said he sees himself staying in Tucumcari with his wife and two daughters for some time.
“This is the type of place I wanted to be when I started looking,” he said. “It’s a small to mid-sized hospital and it’s in New Mexico. This is what I wanted.”

Beames who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and his masters from the University of North Texas said he is also very impressed with another facility in Tucumcari.
“That’s a great golf course you’ve got here. You don’t expect a course of that quality in a small town,” said Beames. “I went out and checked that out.”