Community church serves 350

TV Hagenah

According to Rev. Jim Witcher of the Tucumcari First Christian Church, the community church service held at the Tucumcari Convention Center was an overwhelming success with nearly 350 people taking part in the annual nondenominational church services held Sunday.

“I think it went great,” said Witcher about the services.
The Rev. David England associate pastor of Tucumcari First Baptist Church agreed with Witcher as to the success of the day. “It was good to see people come together to worship and celebrate Christ,” said England. England pointed to a number of different aspects which highlighted the ecumenical atmosphere of the service. He said one of the things that stood out for him was the music at the service which was done by a band made up of musicians from different churches in Tucumcari.

Witcher said the numbers were down somewhat from the previous year’s community services which saw almost 450 people attending, but Witcher said last year the services were further from Christmas day in 2003 than they were this year coming the day after Christmas. He said the day proximity meant a number of people were out of town on Christmas trips to family and friends which could account for the smaller number in attendance. “Still,” said Witcher, “We had a real good turnout.”

The First Christian Church pastor said he is already looking forward to next year’s community church services because next year the day of the services will fall on Christmas day itself. “We’re going to do something special next year since it is on Christmas Day,” said Witcher. “I’m not exactly sure what it is right now, but it is going to be special.”
Witcher speculated that it could even be a candlelight service.