City officials hold vision for park

William Thompson

An adobe wall has recently been restored at the Five Mile Park bathhouse with funds from the National Park Service and contributions from the Mother Road Rally board.

The city’s planning and development director, Doug Powers said more than $17,000 in renovations were completed.

“We had some pretty serious deterioration. The building was in danger of collapsing,” said Powers. “This project stabilized the back wall of the building.”

The bathhouse was built in the early 1930’s and has suffered serious deterioration. It is now on the National Historic Registry.

Not only do city officials want to keep the building from further deterioration, they are looking to fully restore it for use as a leisure-time facility open to the public.

“I want to see this building used for weddings and receptions,” said Powers. It’s going to take time though. Our next project is to raise money to restore the roof of the building.”

Tucumcari Housing Authority Director said contributors to the Five Mile Park fund can be assured that their money will be used to bring the park back to its former glory.

“We’ve had a ten-year plan in place since 2002,” said Pacheco. “My vision is to see the swimming pool fully restored. I envision many purposes for the park land (around 300 acres),”

Pacheco said a Five Mile park committee has been making progress according to the ten-year plan.

“We completed the adobe wall restoration, now our next scheduled project is to raise money for restoration of the roof. It’s all done according to the plan.”

Powers said he did not even want to guess how much the ultimate cost will be to fully restore the bathhouse.

“I know I could make a serious dent in this project with about $200,000,” he said. “A lot of people here have memories of when this park was in use. I remember a reunion here in which about 1500 people attended.”

Pacheco said a committee meeting sometime in January should engender some fund raising ideas for the park.

“I’m thinking we can hold some benefit dances, put collection jars around town and we will be contacting various organizations,” he said. “We certainly hope the Mother Road Rally will contribute some more money again.”

A fund has been set up by city officials for those wishing to donate to the Five Mile Park project.

The address for mailed donations is: Quay County Community Foundation, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank P.O. Box 1107 Tucumcari, NM 88401.

A park web site can be reached at