Martin Luther King to be honored with march Jan. 17

TV Hagenah

For the second year in a row, Tucumcari will have a tribute to civil rights leader Martin Luther King to commemorate the civil rights leader.

Paul Bell, a deacon of the Saints of Mount Calvary Baptist Church, said the church will be hosting a special march Saturday, Jan. 15 to commemorate the civil rights marches which King led throughout his life.

Bell was one of the key organizers of the march and church service in 2004 saluting Martin Luther King. Bell said he organized the Tucumcari tribute to the assassinated civil right leader because he was tired after a number of years of waiting for someone else to do something to honor King.

“So I did it myself,” said Bell, a New Mexico State Police Officer.

This year Bell said he is hoping for more people coming out for the march and brief service at the end of the march than attended last year.

Last year roughly 45 people took part which was, said Bell, more people than he expected when he organized the first march.

“I hope more people will turn out.” said Bell. “That is my hope – that it continues to grow.”

Bell said he anticipates that people will come out to honor King because of the things that King did for so many.

“Martin Luther King was a great man,” said Bell, “and in his short life accomplished so much for so many people. I think everyone can see many of the results of his actions, now.”

The march will begin at Northside Park at 9 p.m. and will end at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church on West Campbell where a brief service honoring King will take place.