Three crosses go up

TV Hagenah

Jim Witcher of the Tucumcari Ministerial Alliance said after a year of collecting money and materials in addition to making plans and going over designs, Thursday Dec. 30, proved to be the day that the three large crosses on the east side Tucumcari went up.

The three crosses are made of iron I-beams and have a 40 cross with two 30 foot tall crosses on either symbolizing the crosses on Calvary.

“This is to show we glorify Jesus,” said Witcher “and we are dedicating Quay County to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Witcher said the three crosses have been erected on property owned by Whitco Inc. But the First Christian Church minister and city commissioner said the owners of the property have leased it to the ministerial alliance for 99 years for $1 because they believe in what the three crosses symbolizes.

“I can’t tell you how many different people were involved in getting this done,” said Witcher. “We’ve had so many people donate money, materials and labor to this project. You can’t believe it.”

Witcher said despite the three crosses actually being up, the whole process is far from complete because there is still other work to be done.

Witcher said that the Iron beams which make up the crosses need to be sand blasted and then the beams will be painted. The beams will also be anchored with cables running from the cross pieces. In addition a fence will be built around the three crosses and then flood lighting will be added to make the crosses more visible at night.

“We chose this location,” said Witcher, “so it can be seen from all the roads around, U.S. 54 over there, I-40 right here and Tucumcari Boulevard. We want everyone to see this.”

Witcher said that roughly $3,000 dollars was spent on the project. This is in addition to many people and groups donating. Witcher pointed to Quay County government who sold all of the beams needed for the crosses to a county commissioner for $10 who then donated them to the project.

He also said county trucks hauled the beams to the site at no cost and Versatile Construction donated labor and equipment to erect the crosses.