Economic development chief near

TV Hagenah

It has been five months since The Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation lost its director after Ben Kendrick left the city to take a similar position in Hobbs.

Since that time, according to the GTEDC’s treasurer Will Cantrell and president Leo Thrasher who as members of the executive committee of the corporation are in charge of the selection of the director, the group, which also has businessman Steve Mills as a member, has been looking for someone to take over the director position. The director is in charge of trying to bring business and industry to Tucumcari.

Cantrell, who is also the president of the Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce, said progress is indeed being made with the search for a new economic development director.

“We’ve narrowed it down to three and have already interviewed one of the candidates,” said Cantrell about the process.

Thrasher added that two of the candidates for the director position were from out of town but the third was local.
Both men said they were hesitant to say just who the three candidates were, but were willing to state a final decision on just who would be selected was “very near” according to Thrasher.

The two GTEDC executive committee members said on this try searching for an executive director they have tried something a bit different that they had in the past. The GTEDC has hired a consultant to assist in the search for a director.

The committee hired consultant Jim Berry, who is currently the president and CEO of the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, to find someone to fill the economic development position in Tucumcari.

Berry said it was his job, “to find the right candidate to fit Tucumcari.”

“I am very pleased that they have got extremely close to the point of offering a contract to the person I have found them,” said Berry.

Berry said he was chosen as the person to do the search for the economic development director because of his own experience in the field. He said he had worked in economic development in both west Texas and in eastern New Mexico and because of that he had numerous contacts in those areas which he felt would be a good match for Tucumcari.
Berry made a number of calls and contacts he said, and even put ads on two websites to reach the people that he felt would be interested in working in the GTEDC position and would be interested in remaining in the position.

Thrasher said that time would tell just how successful the method of looking for a economic development director would be in contrast to the corporation’s way of doing it in the past of taking out advertisements in a number of different newspapers.