New commish to begin

TV Hagenah

Two newly elected officials who had not served in the positions before they were elected were sworn into their positions Monday afternoon.

One of the two, new Quay County Clerk Ellen White ran unopposed for her seat in November’s elections.

New Quay County Commissioner Bill Curry ran against and upset incumbent Jeffrey Lewalling.

In the next two issues we will profile these new elected officials.

Bill Curry is quick to point out that he is not going into the Quay County Commission as a type of avenging angel. Instead, he said he was more interested in bringing a “fresh perspective” to the position.

“I think I can call the other members of the commission my friends,” said Curry “and I know we can all work together well. In fact, Commissioner (Grace) Madrid and I have been friends many years. We concur we can work together. We may differ on occasion, but we still can work together. Franklin (Commissioner Franklin McCasland) and I have an excellent working relationship. We are very agreeable, yet we agree that it is acceptable to disagree.”

Energy is among the key interests of the new commissioner. He said that both wind energy and natural gas could be pivotal to the future of Quay County.

“Those are crucial to the county and the area,” said Curry. “I would like to see more work being done in these areas, and from what the governor has said, he feels the same. I think the other commissioners feel much the same too.”

Another topic that Curry said he feels strong about is the support for the Ute Water Pipeline Project. Curry said he feels that it is a project that needs to go through for the betterment of all of eastern New Mexico.

“Those communities down there need this,” said businessman and artist. “It puts us all in a better position for industrial development.”

Curry said another stress of his will be to be a voice for those out side Tucumcari in addition to the city itself.
“I don’t want to just represent Tucumcari,” said Curry. “I want to represent all the communities in the county. I want them to be part of this. I want to work with all of these communities.”

To meet and visit with the people in the county has already become a priority for the new commissioner he has been taking trips out to the rural areas of the county with the different county employees who travel there.

“It’s just my way of looking and meeting people so I can be of better use to people – to help them better,” said Curry.
Curry also said that he feels his background in Finance would be a help to the commission and he looks forward to that.

Quay County Manager Terry Turner said he agrees that Curry’s business and finance experience will be good for the commission and the county.

“I think it will be a definite plus,” said Turner.