Woman arrested during drug bust

William Thompson

Sgt. Patti Lopez and Patrolman Jason Adams showed up New Year’s Day at Mountain View Apartments, Apartment 205, and arrested Cynthia Lee Boykin, 38, for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

The Tucumcari Police officers had received a tip earlier in the day.

“Sometimes when we pay a visit to someone it’s good to only have two officers present,” said Lopez. “We found about four grams of crystal methamphetamine in packaged baggies.”

According to Lopez’ incident report, a man named Greg Dull opened the door to the apartment upon the officer’s arrival.

“I asked him for the person who lived there, and with the door open about a foot he stepped away toward the back of the residence,” stated Lopez.

After the officers entered the apartment Lopez confronted Boykin with allegations of drug activity.

“I told her that when we receive information about drug activity we like to confront the people straight on…,” stated Lopez. “I asked her if she had something and she said yes.”
Lopez said Boykin consented to a search of the premises. Boykin opened a dresser drawer in her bedroom for Lopez’ inspection.

“She started going through the top drawer and started handing me clear plastic bag containers, some of which were heat sealed and obviously homemade that contained a white crystal substance,” stated Lopez in her report.

Lopez subsequently found a set of blue plastic scales and alleged drug paraphernalia such as a copper-colored spoon and a straw.

Boykin’s two children, ages four and five, were released into the custody of a caseworker for the Children Youth and Families Department.