New county clerk steps in familiar position

TV Hagenah

This is the second of Quay County Sun’s series on first-time elected office holders.

Quay County’s new County Clerk is Ellen White who steps into the position with some knowledge of the office having served in the county clerk’s office for seven years and having served as deputy clerk under county clerk Jeannette Maddaford for five of those seven years.

“In fact,” said White, “the day I was sworn in was pretty special.” it was my seven-year anniversary working in the County Clerk’s office and my 24th wedding anniversary. It was a pretty big day.”

It was also a day that she had pretty much look forward to since joining the staff of the county clerk.
“I guess ever since I came to the office I knew it would be a step I would take.” said the new county clerk. “I knew Jeannette would only be able to stay two terms and she and I worked really well together so I sort of looked towards that. I guess I always knew that I would become county clerk, but until Jeannette’s term limits came up I didn’t think too much about it.”

Maddaford agreed with her former deputy saying that the two of them made a very good team and now that they have traded places, she is looking at supporting White.
“She supported me when I was clerk and I will definitely be there to support her and help her on anything she doesn’t know,” said Maddaford.

“We work real well together,” said White.
White said she credits a great deal of her training to Maddaford, but said the way the clerk’s office is interdependent caused everyone to be multi faceted.
“There is so much to do, we all jump in to do it all and we all sort of do it all,” said White.

White admitted that she would be turning to Maddaford for some of the financial aspects of the position until she learned it sufficiently but felt she would picking up all the specific aspects before long.

“She’ll do great,” said Maddaford of White as clerk. “I think she’ll do fine. Both the former and current Quay County Clerk agreed the biggest difference of the deputy clerk and clerk’s position is the over all responsibility of the position.
“I guess that’s the main thing. The buck stops at the clerk not the deputy,” said White. “Now it’s me. Now it’s my responsibility. I have to make sure everything is dealt with.”