Volleyball player wins honor

William Thompson

Jamie Jones, a standout basketball and volleyball player for Tucumcari High School, won 2004 all-state honorable mention honors in volleyball for class 2A. The honorable mention status means she was considered to be one of the top dozen middle hitters in the state in her class.
Jones, who said she prefers basketball, said she likes the volleyball middle hitter position.

“The middle hitter gets an early shot to hit the ball,” said Jones. “It’s fun to hit the ball because you can take out frustration.” Despite her athletic success, Jones said it is not all about competition for her. “I wasn’t really trying to win recognition,” she said. “I go out for sports for the fun of it.”
Jones said her team did better than she had expected.
“It was really exciting. We played more like a team this year,” she said. “I hope to play again next year and win more recognition not just for myself but for my teammates.”
Despite her modesty, Jones admitted she had some talent.
“There were some games in which I hit really well,” she said. “There were three games where I really did kind of dominate.”