Road department gets new boss

By TV Hagenah

Some changes wil be made regarding the city and county road departments with a new superintendent coming in.
County roads Superintendent Harry Heckendorn has retired. New superintendent of county roads will be Larry Moore, who currently holds a similar position with the city of Tucumcari. Appointed to be his second in command is Danny Moralez, who currently works for the county roads crew as supervisor.
Moralez retains his title as county roads supervisor but will assume Moore’s responsibilities whenever Moore is out of town, County Commissioner Franklin McCasland.
County Manger Terry Turner said Moore and Moralez should complement each other.
“Honestly, we had some fantastic people apply for the job,” Turner said, “and these are two of the best.”
Turner said Moore comes to the job with a number of years at the helm of the city’s street programs. He also had a number of years experience in construction with firms that include Pacheco Construction.
Moore said he has mixed feelings about taking the new position with the county and leaving the city.
“It’s definitely the next step,” Moore said, “and I felt I had to take it, but I will certainly be sad to leave the city. … With the new joint powers agreement, we’ll be working together some.”
The joint-powers agreement allows the city and county to share equipment, jobs and some supplies.
Tucumcari Mayor Mary Mayfield said Moore will be missed.
“But we understand that when something opens up a person has to take it,” she said. “We wish him all the luck.”
Moralez’ situation is different in that he will be stepping into a position that has never existed before.
“We’re still not exactly sure what it will entail,” Turner said. “We’re going to learn as we go with it. We’ll be taking feedback from everybody in the department to further define it.”
The two things Turner said he was certain of were that Moralez would be second in command and it would entail some paperwork.
Moralez said the second part of the equation was probably the most daunting for him.
“That’ll probably be the hardest part at first,” he said. “I haven’t had to do that much paperwork before, but I’ll just have to get used to it. It’s going to be interesting. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been a blade man for quite a while.”