Kampfer to head EDC

Leslie Radford

There’s a new man in town who hopes to strengthen the economy of Tucumcari.

Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Executive Director Peter D. Kampfer believes the key to success is to create employment opportunities and encourage the expansion of existing businesses. That will lead to new industry.

Kampfer started at the EDC on Dec. 20.

For now, he said he’s conducting research and doing some basic footwork to see what the city needs. In a few weeks, he will meet with the economic board to plan the next step of action. Here, he will make recommendations to the board as to what needs to be done in order to enhance Tucumcari’s economy.

He said his No. 1 focus is retention. “This is important to the vitality of Tucumcari,” Kampfer said. One way the EDC plans to do this is offer free workshops to local business owners on how to access resources for monetary needs as well as marketing techniques. Drawing new industry is also on the to-do list.

Kampfer comes to Tucumcari from Rockwall, Texas. His background, he said, includes:
• graduating from Texas Tech University in 1982;
• being active in the U.S. Marine Corps in the late 1970s;
• attaining certification through a basic economic development course at Texas A&M University in November 2004;
• working as a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation working with drug case investigations,the DEA, ATF, IRS, and more.

More recently, he said he’s been the president/CEO/ owner of Superior Printing and Design, a business he sold in August.

He said being an entrepreneur himself gives him an edge in understanding what local business owners need to survive. His work with the FBI gives him the understanding of “following procedure and the government system.”

But this is his first job in economic development. He said he hopes to build a “stronger economy, increase jobs” and provide a more “diverse economy” for Tucumcari.

Kampfer said he looks forward to working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration and colleagues within the EDC to better the city of Tucumcari.