State cops find marijuana cache

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

A 1993 Ford pickup was pulled over late Saturday evening near the former Tucumcari Truck Stop on the west end of town and a state police officer, David O’Leary, found 37.8 pounds of marijuana inside the truck’s spare tires.
The driver, Gary James Emily, was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. O’Leary said he pulled the man over around 11:30 p.m. for a lane violation.
“There were inconsistencies in his story,” O’Leary said. “He said he flew from St. Louis to Phoenix to pick up the vehicle and he didn’t know who the vehicle belonged to.”
O’Leary said he grew more suspicious as the man elaborated on his story. O’Leary asked the man if he wanted to sign a form allowing O’Leary to search the vehicle.
“The man consented to the search,” O’Leary said. “One spare tire was in the bed of the truck. I picked it up and noticed it was a little heavier than it should have been.”
O’Leary cut into the tire and found it filled with wrapped marijuana of differing varieties— about 21 pounds worth. He subsequently found another spare tire underneath the truck and cut into it as well.
“The spare tire under the truck had 16.6 pounds of marijuana inside it,” O’Leary said. “The total value of the marijuana is around $57,000. That’s an approximate estimate.”
Court documents show that O’Leary also found a small plastic baggy of cocaine in the back of the Ford pickup. Quay County Magistrate Court officials said Emily faces two fourth degree felony charges, distribution of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance (cocaine).
Court officials said Emily was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon. At press time, he had not been arraigned.