Child burn victim continues progress

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Tucumcari grandfather John Frost said his two-year old granddaughter, Callie Rae Frost, is making good recovery. Callie Rae was severely burned Dec. 6 by hot cooking oil in an accident at home in Farmington.
Callie Rae was transported soon after the accident to the Shriner’s Hospital burn unit in Galveston where she received treatment for severe burns to the entire left side of her head and face, her chest, neck and arms.
Frost said Callie Rae’s parents are holding up well.
“They are doing really well,” Frost said. “They are so thankful for everybody’s prayers and they are grateful for all of the contributions to the special fund set up at First National Bank of New Mexico.”
Frost said Callie Rae is at home in Farmington now, but must travel every two weeks to the Galveston burn unit.
“The doctors continue to examine her,” he said. “She doesn’t have to have a dressing on her chest anymore. The only time she feels a little pain is when the doctors scrub her wounds.”
Frost said doctors say Callie Rae’s face should suffer no long-term disfigurement.
“A medicated cream and sun block has to be continually applied to her face, because sunlight could prevent proper healing of the skin tissue,” he said. “Doctors are saying that if part of her hair doesn’t grow back naturally in the coming year, they will be able to correct that situation. She will be going to Galveston periodically for a long time to come”
Frost said he has received a large quantity of mail almost daily for Callie Rae and her parents.
To write Callie Rae and her family, mail correspondence to John Frost at 2720 S. Tenth Street Tucumcari, N.M. 88401. Contributions to the Callie Rae fund can still be made at First National Bank of New Mexico.