Notes from the Church Lady 1-29-05

By Debra Whittington

When Mom handed me the phone after finishing her conversation, the voice on the other end didn’t sound familiar to me. Fortunately, that person didn’t seem to notice my hesitation and went on to say it was 30 years since we last spoke or saw each other.
I was starting to get an idea of who it was when the person on the other end informed me I was their cousin and their mom was my mother’s sister. Immediately, a flood of memories took me back to the last time I saw my family at a reunion at my grandparent’s house in Maryland.
Over the next several minutes, we fast-forwarded through the highlights f adolescence and on to our adult lives. While we were interested in the last 30 years, there was no common frame of interest for us to draw from even though we are close in age. It was almost like we were strangers.
Excitedly, we went from event to event as though they occurred only yesterday. We decided we needed to keep in touch and not let so much time pass.
Later in the day, I talked with a cousin on my dad’s side of the family. I didn’t know her very well growing up. We reconnected last year when I attended my grandmother’s funeral in Utah.
At that time, we spent a great deal of time talking and found out that we have many similar interests. Our husbands have much in common and the two of them enjoyed visiting. As I talked to her again over a year later, we picked up where we left off the last time we saw one another.
It is such a shame that family members lose track of each other and miss out on lost opportunities to spend time together. I suppose part of the problem is the busy schedules we lead and the fact that time slips away before we know it. Still, there is always the bond of family that keeps us united through the years. It goes back to time spent together and the memories shared.
All of this reminiscing got me to thinking about the times I fail to spend in prayer and Bible reading. There is so much time I could spend with God in fellowship and learning from Him. He is not only our God, but also our Father who desires to spend time with us. The only way I will get to know Him more is through spending time with Him on a daily basis.
While we are out and about with our daily lives, He is waiting for us to come to Him. For all of those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, comes the added bonus of being adopted into the kingdom of heaven.
There is nothing that compares with being a part of the family of God.
Going through the past experiences with my family makes me realize how important it is to take more time to keep in touch with them. It also makes me realize that I shouldn’t neglect spending more time with the Lord.
He is always there, waiting for me to spend time with Him.