Clovis man evades police, arrested in Tucumcari after crash


A Clovis man who evaded police for days after being accused of shooting a woman in the foot was arrested late Sunday night.

Antonio “Tony” Maes, 21, was arrested in Tucumcari on charges that included receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, reckless driving and resisting arrest.

He is jailed in Quay County on an $8,000 bond. Officials said he will soon be transported to the Curry County jail, where he faces charges of aggravated burglary, attempted armed robbery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and intimidation of a state witness.

Officer Jason Adams of the Tucumcari Police Department said Maes’ vehicle pulled in front of his car about 9:30 Sunday night, then led him and another officer on a short vehicle pursuit.

Maes ran his vehicle into a pole during the chase and fled the scene on foot, Adams said.

He was arrested about an hour later on the streets after a resident called police because Maes was banging on his door, Adams said.

Clovis police issued a warrant for Maes on Thursday on charges he entered the home of 23-year-old Paula Griego, an acquaintance, and demanded money. When she declined, Maes shot her in the foot in her home, police said.
Griego, who is not listed in the Clovis phone book and could not be reached for comment, was transported to Plains Regional Medical Center by a neighbor and treated and released.

Adams said the gun used to shoot Griego was found in the stolen vehicle Maes was driving in Tucumcari.