City police to update computer system

By William Thompson

The Tucumcari Police Department plans to use recently obtained grant money, pending approval by the Tucumcari City Commission, to help train more officers in the use of the department’s computerized record keeping system. Interim Chief of Police Mark Radosevich lobbied the New Mexico Department of Public Safety for around $10,000 in grant money.

“I found out officially Jan. 25 that we will receive the grant money from the public safety department’s grants management bureau in Santa Fe,” Radosevich said. “I hope to have our record keeping system completely updated by early this summer.”

Radosevich said the system update will streamline the entire process of storing and accessing police reports. He said the police department’s current system relies more on paper files rather than more efficient computer filing.

We will be able to post criminal histories of suspects in our computer system so our employees can access that information without having to search by hand through files,” Radosevich said. “The city already had the computer software in place but now we will be able to expand the number of people utilizing the system and also teach more employees how to utilize the system properly.”

Radosevich said the grant money will help pay officers’ tuition for courses in how to use the new system. He said city government will benefit from the changes.

“The city can get a more accurate picture of crime and the number of requests for police service,” he said. “Officers will spend less time making reports because there will be less duplication.”

Radosevich said police sergeants will have ready access to police reports from “inception to closure.”

Radosevich said his past history of working with public safety department officials may have been of some help in securing the grant for Tucumcari Police. He said he has been calling and e-mailing officials from the public safety department’s grants management bureau over the past two months.