Friends gather on Super Sunday

By William Thompson

Some area residents said they used Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to get together to watch, or talk, as the New England Patriots took the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.

American Legion Post 19 in Conchas held a pregame chili cook-off and patrons of the Pow Wow Lounge in Tucumcari watched the big game on two televisions and a large projected image on the lounge wall.

Veda Jenkins won first prize and $25 in the American Legion post’s seventh-annual chili cook-off. Doris Johnson said about 30 Conchas residents lounged at the post throughout Sunday afternoon into the evening.

“Every now and then you would hear a comment about the game, but mostly it was just people socializing,” Johnson said. “In addition to the seven chili entries we served fried chicken, jalapeno cornbread and brownies and cookies.”

American Legion member Vern Miller said he was more of a NASCAR fan than a football fan.

“The Super Bowl party gives me a chance to have some beers with friends,” he said.

Fans at the American Legion post and at the Pow Wow Lounge were fairly evenly divided as to what team they were rooting for. Jason Barnes and his friend Patrick Fulp watched the game at the Pow Wow. Barnes said he and his friend had a friendly wager between themselves.
“I like the Eagles. They want the win more badly,” Barnes said. “New England has already won it before.”
Barnes lost his wager.

Nancy Primrose, a server at the Pow Wow, said the Super Bowl party rated a “10.”
“Some people were so into the game you would have thought they were outdoors at a football game,” Primrose said. “We had close to 50 locals and out-of-town motel guests. Prizes were given away for each score.”

The American Legion Post’s bartender, Judy Hermanson, echoed a few other post members in saying their party was more about visiting with friends than the football game.
“To tell you the truth, I could care less about the Super Bowl,” she said.

The Patriots won 24-21.