High school choir goes to Santa Fe

By William Thompson

High school choir goes to Santa Fe

The Tucumcari High School choir will perform a Bach hymn, an American Indian “blessing” and a Robert Frost poem set to music by Randall Thompson at the Department of Cultural Affairs’ New Mexico Cultural Day in Santa Fe.

The choir director Harold Sloan will be taking a 14-member all-female concert choir to Santa Fe Feb. 22 to perform at the Roundhouse in front of state legislators. The choir will perform their 15-minute set during the noon lunch hour.
The Tucumcari choir will be one of four school districts that will perform and will represent eastern New Mexico, Sloan said.

“This shows that we have gotten state recognition,” Sloan said. “There will be a lot of people watching us perform that day.”

Besides the state legislators, Governor Bill Richardson will be invited to the Cultural Day festivities, state cultural affairs officials said.

Sloan said the high school students enjoy singing music outside the teen-pop genre.
“These kids love to perform,” Sloan said. “They sing everyday.”

Sloan initiated the choir program at Tucumcari High School last year.
“I was the band instructor and wanted something else to do,” Sloan said. “I put choir class on the schedule and kids signed up for it.”

Anna Romero, a member of the concert choir, said she likes the pieces she will perform in Santa Fe.
“You have to get into the right mind set to sing this kind of music,” Romero said. “We work really hard and we have to be professional when we work on these pieces.”
Romero said she and other choir members get together after school sometimes to sing choir pieces.

“My friend Shay Rigdon and I were singing one of our pieces in the car the other day,” Romero said.
Another choir member, McKayla McKinney, said the choir members are excited about their upcoming performance.

“I think we are going to be really good,” McKinney said. “Getting to perform in Santa Fe shows how much we have improved in just one year.”