San Jon, Logan and House voters approve tax

William Thompson

Voters in San Jon, Logan and House recently approved continuing the capital improvement tax for their respective schools.

House Schools Superintendent Art Brokenbek said he wanted to reassure residents there is no new rise in their property taxes.

“The current tax rate is two dollars per $1,000 worth of property and that will not change,” Brokenbek said. “Voters approve continuation of this tax every four years.”
Brokenbek said the state matches dollar for dollar the amount of the capital improvement tax revenues.

San Jon school board member Roger Bowe said the money raised from the tax goes for school building improvements or for purchases of activity buses or cars for the school.

“We sometimes vote to keep some of the money in reserve for emergency situations,” Bowe said. “It’s good to have some money in reserve if a boiler goes out or something like that.”

Carolyn Franklin, superintendent of Logan schools, said she expects half the tax money raised in Logan to go for renovations to the school.

“We’ll probably use half the money to renovate our old gym into a library and media center,’’ Franklin said. “We expect to get around $60,000.”

Bowe and Brokenbek said their schools will receive around $35,000 or $40,000 each from the capital improvement tax revenues.

All said their respective school boards will vote on allocation of the revenues later this spring.