San Jon superintendent signs on for three more years

By Leslie Radford

The San Jon School Board announced at their meeting Jan. 11 to keep superintendent Craig Stockton on board. Stockton signed a contract for three more years to serve as superintendent for San Jon Schools.

“It’s not common for a superintendent in New Mexico to stay with a school after their first year,” said Stockton, who is excited about staying at San Jon in order to build a quality academic program in the school.

“What happens a lot of times is there is too much turnover in the system, too many changes. There’s no consistency,” he said. “Each superintendent has different ideas and educational philosophies. ”

The two issues Stockton has worked on most over the last year are staff development and curriculum. He said his main objective is to build a quality academic program by developing these two areas.

“These are things that just cannot be completed in a year,” he said. “They take time and hard work.”

Roger Bowe, school board president, said Stockton was leading the schools in the right direction. He said Stockton was offered the three-year contract because of his ability to successfully bring in teacher training, new programs, teacher study groups and managing the budget.

“He’s offered us an overwhelming feeling of stability,” said Bowe.

“My job is to educate these kids,” said Stockton. “The board has been very supportive in my efforts to do so.”