City’s general fund low

By Leslie Radford

Marty Garcia gave a presentation from the Finance Department at Thursday night’s City Commissioner’s meeting. The first half of his presentation was on department operations including cash receipts, payroll, accounts receivable/payable, and others.

The second portion was on the mid-year budget and financial report where he said collections were fairly on target. Sixty-six percent of the Lodger’s tax had been received. The EMS ambulance fund was behind due to billing sequences, but had increased over the last few months. He said the law enforcement fund was on target and planned to buy a new vehicle soon.

The City’s account was shown to be well under what the state requires a city to have in their general fund. Garcia noted this was due to major expenses being paid out for insurance at the end of last year and reimbursements that the City will not see until the end of the fiscal year. The City will look into ways to cut corners in the future.

Mayor Mary Mayfield touched on the subject of expanding Highway 54 into a four lane highway. State funds are available to do so. The City will look into this project soon.
The topic of graffiti was mentioned. The chief of police talked to the board about problems within the community and what was being done to correct them.

Several citizens made complaints about having to pay high rent on hangars as well as having to have liability insurance as long as they had a plane in the hangars at the municipal airport. The board voted to table any decisions being made on this item until an airport committee could be formed to weigh the pros and cons of this agenda.