Newspapers for truth, community

By Tova Fruchtman: QCS managing editor

I am Tova Fruchtman, a Georgia girl who moved to eastern New Mexico about six months ago. I am the new managing editor of the Quay County Sun.

I took over Wednesday for Leslie Radford, who had been the interim managing editor. Radford still works for Freedom newspapers, our parent company, writing stories from the Clovis and Portales offices. She will cover issues that impact all of eastern New Mexico and some of her stories will still appear in the Quay County Sun.

I promise to tell you more about myself, my opinions and some stories in due time, but I want to take the opportunity in my first column to share my vision for this newspaper.

• Give a balanced and fair report about events, issues and people important to the community. The Quay County Sun has a responsibility first and foremost to the truth. I will do everything possible to ensure fair, balanced and accurate reporting.

• Represent the public in finding out important information about the community. The newspaper has a responsibility to the public as a whole to find out how tax dollars are being spent, what government is doing to solve (or create) community problems and question what private businesses are doing that affect the community.

• Provide a public forum for the discussion of both local and national issues. It is important to me to provide a place where the entire community can communicate with one another about the issues that really matter to them.

• Introduce people to one another through “slice-of-life” features. Getting a glimpse into another person’s life can help provide insight into our own, or give us a greater appreciation for the other person. Recognizing people for a job well done, or giving others a view of a little-known hobby can inspire, excite and encourage.

• Work with the community. The press was given freedom by the founding fathers to protect the rights of the public to know about its government, the community and the events that affect day-to-day lives. But I don’t think we can do a good job of representing and informing the public without fostering communication with our readers.

I would be happy to sit down and talk with anyone — in my office, or over the phone. I want to know about people’s lives, as well as any questions, comments or concerns they may have about the newspaper. Please feel free to call, stop by or drop me a line (e-mail or snail mail) any time.

I look forward to meeting each and every person in the community.
My name, Tova, is the Hebrew word for good.
That is what I hope to be for this county and especially this newspaper.

Tova Fruchtman is the managing editor of the Quay County Sun. She can be contacted at 461-1952 or by e-mail: