School phones disrupted

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Tucumcari schools suffered loss of phone service on Monday afternoon and as of press time Friday, callers were still unable to call into the elementary school, middle school and administration building.

However, phones at those buildings were finally enabled to dial out as of Friday afternoon.

Tucumcari High School’s phones were not affected during the week. Don Koleski, technology coordinator for Tucumcari schools, said he and repairmen from three different companies still cannot solve the main problem and he didn’t know when complete service will be restored.

A card that controls signals to the phone lines, called a T-1 card, is the cause of the problem, Koleski said.

“A T-1 card burned out inside the main router,” Koleski said.
They replaced the main router, but the T-1 cards continued to burn out, he said.

“We can’t figure out why the cards are burning out,” Koleski said.
School officials and employees have been making do with cell phones and e-mails, Koleski said.

“We have been covered in case of an emergency,” Koleski said. “Our officials and many of our teachers and students have cell phones. I haven’t heard of any parents complaining.”

Kim Garcia, secretary at the elementary school, said some parents have come in and asked what the problem was.

“The parents have taken it very well,” Garcia said. “It’s been a little frustrating for us to keep reaching for the phone and realizing it doesn’t work, but we’ve been kind of happy about it because it has been so quiet without the phones ringing.”

Koleski said a repairman was able to bypass the main router system Friday to allow the affected buildings to dial out.

The schools’ bus barn also suffered loss of phone service.

When Tucumcari Elementary School let out Friday a boy missed his bus home. An employee tried to contact the bus barn but was unable to get through.

The boy’s family had to be notified to come pick him up.