Local buildings windows damaged

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Doreen Lopez, manager of the Sun Comm satellite dish office on East Route 66 Boulevard, took down a banner on the front window of the store Thurday morning and found two holes in the glass.

“When I took (the banner) down I saw what looked like bullet holes,” said Lopez, who reported the problem to police immediatly. “The window will have to be replaced.”
Lopez said she thought the holes were made over the weekend.

Tucumcari Police Officer Dennis Garcia made a report of the vandalism, Lopez said.

“The officer told me he thought the holes were from someone using a slingshot,” Lopez said. “I would put a surveillance camera on the building, but I’m afraid someone would damage it.”

Sun Comm is not the only local building to find these holes.

A large window on the west side of the Quay County Magistrate Court building has been shot. Tucumcari General Insurance Agency and the Blue Swallow Motel have also suffered window damage.

Garcia said he advises businesses to use surveillance cameras.

“What I’m telling people is to have a surveillance camera facing the traffic so the camera can catch someone driving by doing the shooting,” Garcia said.

“The incidents around town of windows being shot are similar,” Garcia said. “ Judging by the size of the holes, I think it’s someone shooting ball bearings with a slingshot.”
Garcia said no one has reported gunfire in connection with the incidents. He also said no ball bearings or shells have been recovered.

Cecilia Banuelos, magistrate court clerk, said the incedent about two weeks ago was the second time in two years that a window has been shot at the magistrate court.

“On both occasions it happened at night when no one was here,” Banuelos said. “This last time the officer came in and looked around but no bullets or ball bearings were found.

The officer said he thought someone had used a slingshot.”
Vicky Streetman of Tucumcari General Insurance Agency said the agency’s windows have been shot at twice since around Christmas. She also said police suspected a slingshot had been used.

Garcia said officers are working on a plan to catch whoever is shooting at the windows.

“We are in the process of deciding where and when to conduct surveillance of local businesses,” Garcia said. “The vandalism has definitely picked up since the beginning of the year.”