Performace group brings clean fun to Quay monthly

By Tova Fruchtman: Quay County Sun

Rebecca Cawthon first danced with her husband of three and a half years, Alvin, at a bluegrass music performance.

Every fourth Saturday in Quay County Fair barn a club — formed to preserve old time, bluegrass and gospel music — holds a performance.

“It’s a real social event and there’s not too many of those around,” Cawthon said. “It’s just a good time.”

Now, the Cawthons attend the event whenever they can, and still dance together.

Cawthon, who said he and her husband are older, said about 100 people of all ages go to each performance.

With 122 listed members, not everyone performs at once, and many dance, chat and sing along.

David Morris the club’s president has been involved for about 5 years.

He plays base guitar and the upright or doghouse base during performances.

Morris said people just play along to the songs they know.
There are some in the group who have been playing for
years, other’s show up for the first time and play.

“Basically it was just to keep old music alive, not to let it go away.”

“(If they) let us know that they play, and they would like to play … that’s all it takes, “ Morris said.

And any old time, gospel or bluegrass music goes Morris said, explaining that occasionally they play some classic rock and a group also plays Spanish music.

He said the club was formed to make sure that these genres of music stay alive.

“It’s what helped music to get where it is today, “Morris said. “It’s important to keep our roots, to know where the music came from.”

But the music isn’t the only reason Morris attends the event.

He said everyone there is friendly, the event is free and it is smoke and alcohol free.

“It’s just a great big time, people just going to have a good time and listen to good music,” Morris said, explaining that the music ends when the people want it to.

“As long as there’s people out there dancing and having a good time — we’ll keep playing”