Former mayor, comissioner remembered for dedication

By Tova Fruchtma: Quay County Sun

Dolores Dickinson Dennard remembers how many phone calls her father got when she was young — especially when he was mayor. Calls from people to tell him their street light was out or where the streets were flooding after it rained.

She remembers how proud he was years later of the golden shovel in the Quay County jail that broke the ground with his name on it.

And she remembers how even after it became difficult for him to move because of Parkinson’s, he flipped his mobile scooter over on top of himself when he rushed to try and help city workers after a water main outside his house broke.

Dennard said her father, who died on Feb. 25 was always committed to and concerned about the progress of Tucumcari and Quay county.

“He liked people … He was a good leader,” said Dennard of her father Clyde Dickenson who owned Dickinson Implement, co-owened Dickinson Motors, and served as a Quay County commissioner and mayor of Tucumcari.
Dickenson and his wife Ola Maude were long-time

Tucumcari residents that moved away when Clyde became so ill with Parkinson’s that they needed more help. The couple moved in with Dennard in Nashville where Dickenson lived until his death.

Dennard said her father also liked to have a good time.

He used to play the piano by ear and sing along, she said. With the windows open, the neighbors could hear, and they always told Ola Maude, they loved the entertainment, Dennard said.

He loved golf and teed off until he was 80 years old, she said. He went fishing with out a life jacket, even though he didn’t know how to swim, according to the speech the mister gave at his funeral.

He also loved to play dominoes, she said.

Blevin and Marge McKenzie said they spent many nights playing dominoes with the Dickinson for more than 10 years before they moved to Nashville.

Marge said they always had a good time together, even though Clyde was quite the competitor.

His daughter, Dennard agreed.

“He loved to win,” she said.

Basically, Dennard said, her father was full of love that he passed on to their entire family, and full of love for the city of Tucumcari.

“Daddy, was pretty outgoing and friendly,” Dennard said.
And it is that aspect of his personality that she said she will miss most.

It’s a sound Dennard said she hadn’t heard much since her father had become sick, but one that she will always remember: his loud, jovial laugh.