Film turned play comes to Tucumcari

Tova Fruchtman: Quay County Sun

Alicia Albright remembers watching the movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” when she was a child.

Though she always dreamed of playing Millie, she never thought that she would get the chance.

Millie is a young bride living in the 1850s Oregon wilderness whose plan to marry off her six brothers-in-law to help her own marriage backfires when the brothers kidnap six women from a neighboring town to be their brides.

This Sunday at Tucumcari High School auditorium audiences will have the chance to see Albright perform as Millie.

Albright respects Millie as a character.

“She’s not afraid to say what1s on her mind…She lives with her heart first,” 26 year old Albright said.

“She looks for the best in life.”

Albright hopes to reflect some of Millie’s personality in her own life.

She said even though it is difficult to travel every day, she enjoys performing each night and seems to maintain a love for life like Millie. As for the show, she thinks the audience will enjoy it.

“It’s just an exciting show,” said the California native who loves the dance scenes.

Albright said another scene is so moving that when she is supposed to cry it isn’t difficult.

“It will make you laugh and make you cry all in one night,” Albright said.