School superintendent one of five finalists for Clovis job

Tova Fruchtman:Quay County Sun

Tucumcari schools Superintendent William Reents learned Tuesday morning he is one of five finalists for the superintendent position at Clovis Municipal Schools.

Reents said he feels honored that he’s being considered, but he is concentrating on the present rather than the future.

“You never look ahead. I have a three-year contract with Tucumcari and your expectation is that you’ll be here,” he said.

He said in the upcoming process he will see if Clovis is a good fit for him and if he is a good fit for Clovis.

“They interview you and you interview them,” he said.

Reents said Clovis would not be dramatically different from Tucumcari.

“Schools are schools no matter what size. They all have the same problems,” he said, adding that in a bigger school district there is more help to solve problems.

Tucumcari school board member Albert “Scooter” Mitchell said he thinks Reents is qualified for the Clovis job.

“Dr. Reents is a talented individual. I’m not surprised he’s a finalist,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he’s also not surprised that Reents applied for the position. He said the board is aware that positions in school districts across the state are opening up and administrators from Tucumcari might apply.

It is normal for people to try and progress in their careers, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he’s glad to know that another system thinks Reents is a highly qualified superintendent.

“I think the Tucumcari school system is a good, solid school system, and I think that Dr. Reents has a been a major part of that,” he said. “I’m happy with our superintendent.”

Reents said he intends to continue focusing on his job in Tucumcari throughout the interviewing process in Clovis.

“If you don’t apply for other jobs, and look at them, then you grow stale, and I don’t choose to grow stale,” he said.

Other finalists for the Clovis position include David Briseno, Ladona Clayton and Andy Sweet, all currently employed by the Clovis district.

Rhonda Seidenwurm, a deputy superintendent of instruction in Las Cruces, is the fifth candidate.

Clovis officials said they plan to interview all five candidates by early next month. The position became open last December when Neil Nuttall accepted a position with a junior college in Missouri.