Couple face crystal meth charges

QCS Staff

Tucumcari police searched a residence at 524 E. Heman Ave. on Monday morning and arrested a couple for distribution of crystal methamphetamine, a controlled substance.
Robert Powell, 24, and Mary Slyter, 44, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Quay County Magistrate Court. Their bond is set at $17,000 cash only, officials said.
Both defendants will be appointed an attorney by the court.
Cpl. Darrick Shaw’s report states he found four small baggies of what he suspected to be crystal methamphetamine in a cabinet inside Slyter’s house. After further search he found a cigarette pack inside a cereal box in the kitchen.
The cigarette pack contained nine baggies of suspected methamphetamine, Shaw stated in his report.
Shaw also found a baggie of marijuana, a scale and a glass pipe. Officer Patricia Earle found another baggie of marijuana in a drawer of men’s clothing. Shaw’s report said Powell was living with Slyter at the time of the arrest.
Police Chief Mark Radosevich said police found out about alleged drug activity through “standard investigative techniques.” He declined to elaborate.