We need your help to improve the paper

Tova Fruchtman:Quay County Sun

When I was first learning how to drive, I wasn’t very good.
My parents helped me.
My dad taught me to relax. He said that when other drivers or I make mistakes on the road, remaining calm is the most important way to stay safe.
I took his advice, and I got a little better at driving.
My mom taught me not to trust other drivers. She said, “Don’t expect them to stop at a stop sign or look before they switch lanes or wait for you to pass instead of cutting you off.”
So, I became a more cautious driver, trying my best not to put myself in situations that put my safety in the hands of other drivers.
My boyfriend Jeremy taught me more about driving.
He told me only to drive in the left lane if I’m passing, and to cover the brake when something looks fishy ahead.
Seems like those things should be obvious, but sometimes, when you get so used to doing something one way, it takes someone’s help to make you think about doing things differently.
Each time someone gave me advice, I became a better driver.
I need your help now, but not with driving tips.
We are forming a committee of readers to help us improve the newspaper. So far, we only have a few volunteers.
The newspaper should be a service to the community; it is important to have reader input in tailoring the pages to meet readers’ needs.
Just like my driving, sometimes I don’t realize what I’m doing wrong or right without help.
If you’ve ever read a newspaper and thought, “Why did they cover this event?” or “Why didn’t they cover this?” then we want your help.
David Stevens, the editor for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico, will be here for the meeting.
We’ll get together at 6 p.m. Monday at the Quay County Sun. We’re located at 902 S. First.
If you are interested in attending, please call me Monday morning.

Tova Fruchtman is the managing editor of the Quay County Sun. She can be contacted at 461-1952 or by e-mail at: