Campers come to Ute Lake

Tova Fruchtman:Quay County Sun

As spring begins and the weather warms up, people from neighboring states and cities are traveling to Logan to visit Ute Lake state park.

On March 12 Angelica Velasco and her family came from Hereford, Texas to camp at Ute Lake.
She said they have been coming to Ute to camp for seven years, but the warm weather brought them for the first time this season.

“It’s peaceful; and it’s beautiful; and the people here are friendly; and it feels like a comfortable place,” Velasco said.
Aramand Loinski and Tom Odegard were also at the lake on March 12.

They came from Albuquerque to try out their new kite — a parachute-like apparatus that is used to water ski or wake board without a boat.

They said they liked coming to Ute Lake better than Elephant Butte, which is closer to Albuquerque.

“This lake was more predicable, it was less busy,” said Losinski, explaining that Ute Lake is also more family oriented.

Tara Carter, administrator at Ute Lake State Park, said they are hiring seasonal help. She said the season usually gets between the middle of March and April 1.

“We have a lot of locals that come out to the lake, but the majority of our visitation is from out of town and out of state,” Carter said.

She said people come from states such as Colorado, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

As for the lake’s level, Carter said the lake is seven feet below the top of the spill way, which is five or six feet above the level last year.

“As long as we keep getting rain and snow, we’ll gradually come up,” she said.

Carter said during the off season improvements have been made to the park; two camp grounds have new water and electric hookups and new shelters and sites are being developed.

Local businesses also expect more business as lake season begins.

David Ayres, who owns Logan Food Mart with his wife Louise, said that they expect big crowds during the summer time.

“During the summer — summer is busy time,” he said.
“When the sun comes out they get a more positive attitude.”