The way of the cross

William Thompson:Quay County Sun

More than 100 area residents walked 10 miles Friday in memory of Christ’s painful walk to Calvary and his eventual death upon the cross more than 2,000 years ago.
The walkers began at Stuckey’s 10 miles west of Tucumcari and proceeded to walk 10 miles to a small church in Montoya.

Tucumcari High School students Amanda Tapia, Reyna Banuelos and Herman Lopez participated in the Good Friday walk sponsored by St. Anne’s Catholic Church since 1997. Banuelos said she and her friends were taking time to reflect while on their ten-mile journey.

“We’re praying for Jesus, us and our families,” Banuelos said.

Lopez said he was praying for his uncle who has cancer.

Noreen Hendrickson said she and her fellow walkers were praying for Terri Schiavo, the woman in the national spotlight due to controversy over removal of her feeding tube.

“God does not want us to suffer,” Hendrickson said. “We do it voluntarily. What we are doing today is remembering what Jesus did on his journey. Jesus knew before he made his walk that he was going to die at the end of it.”

Spencer and Jennifer DeBord, husband and wife, walked together.

“We went through a family health crisis this year,” Jennifer DeBord said. “We came through the crisis clean. We are walking in gratitude. We are thinking of the journey Jesus went on and we are thinking of the journey we went on in our lives.”

Jacquelyn Lopez, 16, is undergoing her confirmation in the Catholic church.

“This walk is bringing us closer to God,” Lopez said.

“Margaret Andrus walked with Lopez. She said the cold weather Friday was no major hardship.

“Jesus made his walk in sandals and carrying that cross,” she said. “Everybody should make the walk at least once.”
David Smith shrugged off the cold as well.

“I enjoy the walking,” Smith said. “ The cold weather doesn’t bother me. Jesus couldn’t cancel his walk.”