Notes from the city commission meeting

The Tucumcari City Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday. The following items were discussed:

• Mayor Mary Mayfield could not attend the meeting because of a death in her family. Commissioner Betty Ditto did not attend because of visiting family.

• The commission declared April 8 as “Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico Tribute to Teachers Day.”

• Jack Maes, a former city manager in Tucumcari, made complaints to the commission about land and property allegedly destroyed or harmed during the city’s construction of the landfill. Maes, a property owner of land bordering the landfill said the easement on his property has been misused by the city. The commission did not respond. City Manager Richard Primrose said the matter has been litigated and a judge found in favor of the city.

• The commission voted to allow the community farmers’ market to use Wailes Park for the next five years. The market will also be allowed to put a sign at the park.

• The EMS department did a presentation for commissioners on what they do for the city, their personnel, equipment and grants.

• The city approved matching a grant that will pay for youth to work fixing up the baseball fields. The money also pays a city employee to supervise the youth workers. The city must pay about $17,800.

• The commissioners voted to increase the payment to the engineers working on the waste water treatment plant because there will be necessary improvements to the electrical system that were not initially anticipated. The amount to be paid is about $700,000.

• All bids on items the city had up for auction were accepted, even those that bid under the minimum amount.

• About $ 29,000 was allotted to help with the cost of detouring cars during construction on First Street.

• A grant application for the police and sheriffs department was approved. The grant would support advanced training for collecting and storing evidence.