Notes from the county commission meeting

The Quay County Commission held a regular meeting on Monday. The following items were discussed:

• Franklin McCasland was elected interim chair of the commission because Chair Grace Madrid is in the hospital and her return date is unclear. McCasland will serve as chair until Madrid returns.

• Larry Moore, road superintendent, gave a presentation on the cost of dealing with the snow storm and an update on the application to the state to help with costs. The commissioners and county manager thanked Moore for all of his hard work during the snowstorm. McCasland presented a letter Logan Schools’ superintendent wrote thanking the county for Moores concern for school bus routes during the storm.

• Susan Lease, ASAP coordinator, presented an application for a grant renewal for tobacco training courses in schools. The commissioners approved the grant.

• Daniel Ortiz spoke against the closing of Quay Road Q because he said it hindered progress. He said because the roads are owned by everyone, everyone should be able to use them. At the last county commission meeting Larry Wallin addressed to commission to ask the road be closed. Wallin stated that the property surrounding the road is owned by his family other than 40 acres owned by Ortiz. Wallin said there are problems with poaching, stolen property and damaged property. The commissioners said they plan to close the road past Ortiz’s property. There will be a public hearing on the closing of Quay Road Q at the county commission meeting scheduled for April 11.

• Terry Turner presented a proclamation recognizing the week of April 10-16 Quay County Employee Week. The commissioners approved the proclamation.

• The commission discussed the possibility of turning over the sponsorship of the Easter New Mexico Area Agency on Aging to another government entity because they don’t have the man power or the capital to continue to support it. The discussed turning it over the city of Tucumcari but no action was taken.

• McCasland presented a copy of the Capital Outlay Plan that made it through congress. Quay County was allotted a about $2.4 million including $1.3 million for a rail spur in Tucumcari. Gov. Bill Richardson must approve the plan before the county receives any money.