Area church recites rosary for dying pope

By William Thompson: Quay County SUn

More than 30 local residents attended a special saying of the rosary Friday evening at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Tucumcari. Those who attended gathered in prayer for Pope John Paul II as he lay near death in Rome.

Benito Ramirez, new to the Catholic faith, said he was going to try to pray along with others as the rosary was recited.

“I think a lot of things will change after the pope dies,” Ramirez said., “maybe for the worse because he was such a man of peace.”

Bobby Dominguez said the pope’s eventual death should be viewed with hope of the afterlife.

“We are sad, but we should also be glad because he (John Paul II) completed his job on earth,” Dominguez said. “He is going on to his reward.”

Ramona Baca, herself battling a health problem, said she was saddened at news of the pope’s failing health.

“I’m sorry,” Baca said. “He’s the leader of our church. I’m sad he is dying, but death is part of our journey.”

Marty Garcia had the day off from his job as city finance director. He brought his family to the rosary ceremony.

“I’ve been watching the news all day,” Garcia said. “It just saddens me because he has been a really good pope. I named my son, John Paul, after Pope John Paul II.”

Pope John Paul II died Saturday.