Performance tonight will feature traditional New Mexican music

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Jerry Dean will perform his unique brand of traditional New Mexican folk music at the Tucumcari Convention Center tonight.

Dean said his music is great for dancing.

“We tell the people to expect to come out and dance and have a good time,” Dean said. “We’ve been on the top of the charts for bands that play this genre of music. This kind of music is popular in New Mexico and Colorado.”

Dean said the songs range from love songs to storytelling songs and the songs are called “rancheras” in Spanish, perhaps alluding to their origins as songs performed on ranches in old New Mexico.

“We have drums, bass, guitar and trumpets,” Dean said. “I started my own group about four years ago after playing trumpet in the Al Hurricane Band.”

Dean said he and his six-member band have sold compact discs and tapes all over New Mexico and he is well-known in Tucumcari.

“We play standard country songs as well as the New Mexico music,” Dean said. “We’ve played for audiences of up to 5,000 people.”