Lions sweep Rattlers in two close games

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

The Santa Rosa Lions swept a doubleheader Tuesday from the Tucumcari Rattlers (3-5) on a chilly, blustery evening in Tucumcari.

Rattler coach Anthony Alarcon said his Rattlers are still a good, solid team despite their 0-2 district record.

Game 1

It took eight innings for Santa Rosa to finish off the Rattlers, 11-8, in the first game of a doubleheader. The Lions scored three runs in the top of the eighth inning and Tucumcari could not answer.

The Rattlers had control most of the game taking an early 5-2 lead off a pair of two-run RBIs by Matt Braziel and Matt Garcia. Drew White added an RBI-single.
Santa Rosa came back and by the top of the sixth inning the Lions were ahead 8-7. White tied it up for the Rattlers in the bottom of the sixth with an RBI, but that was it for the Rattler offense.

Tucumcari left three men on base in the fifth inning.

Runs Hits Errors
Tucumcari 8 14 5
Santa Rosa 11 10 3

Game 2

The Lions scored three runs in the top of the seventh inning to take a four-run lead. The Rattlers, always capable of late rallies, failed to respond as Santa Rosa went home with a 12-8 victory.

The Rattler hitters provided the most drama in the game, however, as they staged a comeback from a 9-4 deficit in the bottom of the fifth inning.

John Sewell led off the inning with a single and then stole second and third. Michael Baca, Drew White, Joe Hurley and D. J. Martinez each got RBI1s as the Rattlers batted around to pull within one run at 9-8.

Sewell pitched a solid sixth inning and things were looking up for the Rattlers as they came into bat in the bottom of the sixth, but the Santa Rosa pitcher found his rhythm and the Rattlers failed to get another run.

Coach Alarcon told his team they deserve better.

“We know we1re the better team,” he said. “We just have to start playing like it.”

Alarcon said more consistency in hitting is needed throughout the lineup.

“Our pitching is good,” Alarcon said. “We’ve got to play the entire game. It1s early on. We1ll be okay.”

The Rattlers were more than okay Saturday morning when they beat Pecos 13-0 at the Santa Rosa Invite.

Runs Hits Errors
Tucumcari 8 9 2
Santa Rosa 12 11 0