Combining recipes make good creations

By Tova Fruchtman

My mom never cooked with a cookbook.

She always just added a little bit of this or that, tasted it, added a little more of this, tasted it again, added a little more of that.

So, with that model I have never been one to follow recipes very well.

We have about 25 cookbooks at our house, so it’s not that I don’t read recipes. It’s just that I don’t follow them very well.

When I make something I’ve never made before, I read at least three different versions of how to make it.

Then I figure out how I can adapt it to use what I have in the house, and spend the least amount of money at the grocery store.

That’s what happened when we made tropical fruit salsa this week. It was great.

We made it to put on burgers, but throughout the week, I kept trying to think of other uses.

We had black-bean burritos with tropical fruit salsa.

We had talapia tacos with tropical fruit salasa.

We ate the leftover burgers with it. I even put it on crackers!

I finally bought chips to dip it in.

I thought since it was so good and so simple I would share the recipe.

But, heed my warning: It’s so good, you may not be able to stop eating it.

And of course, the recipe is adaptable.

It’s probably possible to make it different every time, until you find the way that you like best.

Tropical Fruit Salsa
1 can of tropical fruit, mostly drained
1 half a medium red onion, quatered
I red bell pepper, quartered
1 serrano or jalapeno pepper chopped
1 orange, peeled and quartered
1 half of a small tomato (optional)
Put everything in a blender or food processor. Chop to desired consistency.

Tova Fruchtman is managing editor of the Quay County Sun. Contact her at 461-1952 or by e-mail: