County commissioners express concern about underage drinking

QCS Staff

County Commissioners spoke candidly with attendees about underage drinking and how to solve the problem after seeing a presentation on the issue at the meeting Monday.
Noreen Hendrickson, the area DWI coordinator, and high school students gave a presentation on the problem of underage drinking.
Hendrickson presented statistics about the prevalence of underage drinking in the county and the problems it could cause.
She asked the commissioners to think about what they could do to help.
After Hendrickson and the teens left the meeting, the commissioners continued to grapple with the question.
Ultimately, those present seemed to think educating parents was an important aspect of stopping underage drinking, but no action was taken on the matter.
Other business discussed included:
l County Commissioner Grace Madrid did not attend her second consecutive meeting due to her health. Franklin McCasland was elected as interim chair at the last meeting.
l Roads Superintendent Larry Moore reported finishing the application to the state for reimbursement for money spent during the snowstorm. The total expenditure was about $39,000 and if the application is approved the state will pay 75 percent of that cost.
l Harold Westin made a presentation to the commissioners on the Eastern New Mexico Agency on Aging conference he recently attended. Westin thanked the commission for their continued support. McCasland told Westin that the commission would continue to support the Agency on Aging, but said he would not guarantee they would sponsor it.
l The county will turn over their sponsorship of the Eastern New Mexico Area on Aging to the city of Tucumcari this summer. They said the expense and time it was consuming in the county manager’s office drove this decision.
l Because the Logan and Tucumcari senior centers are operating with one less staff member, the commission approved a $1.50 hourly raise for the directors of the facilities. The commissioners said it would be necessary to contact the city and inform this of the raise, to make sure that extra help wasn’t also hired. The drivers also received a $1 per hour raise.
l The commission approved advertising for the position of county Fire Administrator provide support to fire chiefs around the county.
l No one spoke at the public hearing for the closing of Quay Road Q. The commission voted to close the road after the end of Daniel Ortiz’s property. Ortiz had requested at a previous meeting that his land be accessible.
l The commission approved a contract with Harding County to house prisoners in the Quay County Detention Center for a charge of $50 each day. The contract also allowed juveniles to be housed for the same price.