Star-crossed couple to marry

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Howard Littell said when Michelle Wright passed through town March 6, he knew he wanted to marry her. When Wright saw Littell that day, she felt he was the answer to her prayers.

Littell left a sign on his shop window Sunday to let customers know he had important business in Los Lunas.
The sign read: “Went to ask Michelle Wright of Los Lunas to marry me. If she says no, will see you Monday. But if she says yes will see you Tuesday. So keep your fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.”

A friend put a new sign up for Littell on Monday, “She said yes. So see you Tuesday.”

The pair will marry Sunday either at Littell’s tire shop, Howard’s Mobile Tire Service, or in Wailes Park.

The couple knew each other years ago but were married to others at the time. They lost contact. Wright later heard rumors that Littell may have died.

Wright wound up in Texas, a divorced mother of three. Littell, divorced also, worked for a time at a tire shop in Colorado. He came back to Tucumcari and opened his tire shop in February.

About the same time, Wright decided to move from Texas to Los Lunas.

The movers who drove with Wright decided to see an old friend when they stopped in Tucumcari. That friend happened to be Littell.

“I knew right away when I saw her that I wanted to marry her,” Littell said.

Wright was surprised to see Littell. She had no idea the movers were stopping to see Littell.

“I had been praying for five years to meet Mr. Right,” Wright said. “When I saw Howard I didn’t want to leave Tucumcari.”
Wright also said she had a dream in February in which she saw a man with a body resembling Littell’s body and somehow in the dream she knew the dream image represented Mr. Right.

Before Wright continued on her journey to Los Lunas, the pair exchanged numbers. Littell was soon calling Wright every morning.

“I called her at 6 a.m. every morning because I knew she had to get her kids up for school.,” Littell said.
Littell popped the question Sunday at a Mexican restaurant in Los Lunas.

“He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of my kids and everybody in the restaurant,” Wright said. “I was shocked. I held my breath and I almost cried, and then I said yes.”

Wright said Littell has proved to be a dream come true so far.

“I feel the best part of it is when he hugs me it feels like nothing in the world can hurt me,” Wright said. “If I have a problem, I look at him and it’s like there are no problems.”
For his part, Littell said he saw a sparkle in Wright’s eye on that fateful day in March when Wright unexpectedly pulled up in front of his house.

“I love her honesty and her love for life,” Littell said,” I love the way she takes care of her kids and how beautiful she is.”

The couple will make their home in Tucumcari. Wright said no big honeymoon trip has been planned.

“My kids tell me I’ve never looked so good,” Wright said, “and Howard said every day is going to be a honeymoon.”