Georgia’s spring turns outdoors yellow

Tova Fruchtman:Quay County Sun

It seems as though springtime has finally set in here in New Mexico, and for this Georgia girl, I’ve been blown away.


The wind here is unbelievable.

It’s quite different from springtime in Georgia.

Here, in the mornings you check wind speeds before venturing out of the house for daily activities.

In Georgia, we check pollen counts.

Each spring, a thin layer of yellow powder blankets, well, everything in Georgia.

Black cars look green, sitting outside leaves you yellow for the rest of the day and outside furniture just never stays clean.

I often looked in the mirror only to see my face covered with the yellow dust.

Lucky for me, I don’t have bad allergies.

Those who do have major trouble during the springtime in Georgia.

Even people like me, who don’t have bad allergies, react to the high pollen counts.

On high-pollen count days, I usually get that headache right around my eyes. It’s the kind of headache that makes your eyes feel so heavy you think they may fall right our of your head.

But on those beautiful Georgia days, we seemed to disregard all the trouble the pollen may cause and went outside to walk the dog, run around the block, play Frisbee or have lunch.

There is something magnetic about the spring sun, and the way it warms the air, that makes people emerge from their homes and take a breath of fresh air.

I also thought I might have left thunderstorms back in Georgia, but with the way moisture has fallen from the New Mexico sky since I’ve been here, I couldn’t guarantee that before spring comes to an end.

As the weather warms up — to me it is just warming up because warm weather means at least 70 degrees in the morning — I look forward to springtime, whether it’s one full of wind, or one full pollen.

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