Storm and batteries bring frustration

Lynn Moncus: Comments from the canyon

A question for this week: How many degrees does and Aggie have to earn in order to be able to install small batteries in a remote control? Obviously, this Aggie hasn’t earned enough and must have skipped the part about plus and minus! Yes, that little bit of carelessness caused major frustration for a period of hours and made life dangerous on this corner as violence began to surface.

The little electrical storm we had last Friday fried the television set and put the phone our of business. The latter bothered other people more than it did me because the phone sounded as if it were ringing when it was just resting quietly. Regular callers tend to get a bit upset when I don’t answer for several days and are apt to call out the troops.

Well, I tried to limit their worry by calling them on the cell phone to let them know the problem, and then I went to work to replace the TV and VCR.

Once upon a time, we could buy various items, plug them into the socket, punch the “On” button, and be in business. History is great to remember! Punching that button on the new TV gives the viewer a bright blue screen and absolutely no pictures. Reading the pages of directions, which must have been written in another language and translated into English by a non-English speaking translator, causes the reader to wonder what has happened to his reading skills.
After a few dozen false starts, I finally managed to be able to view all channels and should have stopped at that point.
Instead, I thought I was intelligent enough to connect the VCR without further ado. Wrong! Since I don’t pretend to now a coaxial cable from a fire hydrant, I was stymied from the beginning. After stretching the imagination to the breaking point, I had all the wires in place as shown in the diagrams, turned on the VCR, and could make it do nothing. I even managed to lose all the channels , and after recapturing them, I decided to quit for that day. At least, I could watch programs even if I couldn’t tape anything.

Because I was so sure I knew I had inserted the batteries properly, I didn’t bother to check that until frustration finally reached the breaking point, and sledge hammer time was approaching. When I opened the back of that remote control, I fell into a fit of hysterical laughter because I could see the problem even without removing said batteries! Just let me become a bit confident in my skills to live in the present and I’m taken down to size in order to learn more patience and humility!

Because I’m not ashamed to laugh at myself, I generally share my idiocy with others so they can laugh also. After all, I am responsible for my own mistakes and can’t blame anyone else for my shortcomings. Watching friends’ reactions to such tales of woe is also entertaining. Some obviously think they should pity the old dame but can’t really control their laughter. Others tend to sit a little taller as they laugh because they can feel superior. Still others just laugh naturally, knowing that such laughter won’t upset me since I am laughing as I talk about my latest escapade.

I can’t answer the question for the week yet because this Aggie has only four degrees and is considering working toward another! On the other hand, I may just start over and see if I can pass any classes in kindergarten. At least, the phone is working well!